The world has innumerable hot water springs and Hungary is one of the countries with the largest thermal water reserves, but none compare to Lake Hévíz at the western tip of Lake Balaton. Covered in waterlilies, the 4.4-ha (11-acre) lake is welcoming all year round: the water temperature does not drop below 24 °C even in winter. The mineral-rich thermal waters, and the traditional treatments using the medicinal mud that covers the lakebed several metres thick, are primarily suited to treating musculoskeletal and rheumatic problems, but the mud's beautifying effects are not to be dismissed either: just one mudpack and your skin will be rejuvenated. The hotels of Hévíz offer both traditional treatments and modern medical wellness services, supporting spiritual and physical regeneration, along with innumerable health-promotion, fitness and selfness programmes at their own spa facilities. There are direct flights to Hévíz to and from several German cities.

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