Thanks to its location, Budapest is easily accessible by air in 2-3 hours from most major cities of Europe, 5-6 hours from the Middle East and about 9 hours from the East Coast of the American continent. The destination is usually Budapest, but several international flights arrive at Debrecen; or at the airport of Sármellék, located near Lake Balaton, which is mainly used by charter flights.

Hungary's busiest airport is the Liszt Ferenc International Airport (formerly known as Ferihegy Airport), located about 20 kilometres (12 miles) south-east of Budapest. The airport has two terminals: 2A and 2B. The airport's official website offers up-to-date flight information, maps and information about the services offered, including parking. Passengers arriving at the Ferenc Liszt Airport can get to the city centre by public transport car or taxi.

The airport shuttle bus 100E takes passengers directly to the city centre, making only two stops en route to Deák Ferenc Square:

  • at Kálvin Square, offering transfer to metro lines M3 and M4,
  • at Astoria, where passengers can transfer to metro line M2, as well as a number of tram and bus lines.

Finally, the route terminates at Deák Ferenc Square, offering options for transferring to metro lines M1, M2 and M3. The schedule of bus line 100E is the same on all weekdays and weekends.

Tickets are available (with both cash and bank card payment options) at:

  • the Arrival level of both airport terminals, the BKK Customer Centre,
  • the ticket vending machine at the airport bus terminal,
  • or from the bus driver (only cash payment available).

Boarding bus 100E is only possible at the front door. Tickets have to be validated right after boarding and validated tickets must be presented to the bus driver.

Taking a Taxi from the Airport to the City Centre

Regulations mandate that every taxi company use distinctive yellow cars, and apply uniform fares. The total fare of a taxi ride comprises three fees: a base fee (HUF 450), a kilometre-based fee (HUF280/km) and a waiting fee (HUF70/minute). A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre costs about HUF 9,500 (approx. € 30). All vehicles must provide the option to pay by bank card.

The taxi station of Főtaxi, the Airport's official taxi service provider, is located directly outside the Arrival level of airport terminals 2A and 2B.

You should be advised that taking the offers of non-contracted taxi companies and individuals offering their services inside the airport terminal building may pose risks.

From Deak Ferenc Square you can reach with metro line 2 the Déli Railway Station. Trains are leaving in every 2 hours to Keszthely (Hévíz). You can check the timetable at

As throughout continental Europe, Hungary has right-hand traffic, which means vehicles must drive on the right side of any bidirectional road. 

Hungary applies a zero-tolerance policy towards DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol warrants the immediate and mandatory withdrawal of your driving licence.

The use of seatbelts is compulsory. Children under the height of 150 cm (59") can only be carried as passengers in special child safety seats.

Mobile devices may only be used with hand-free sets.

The network of electric charging points for electric cars is growing rapidly in Hungary - check online, or use the mobile app for more information on these.

For up-to-date traffic information, use the interactive map at or the social media navigation applications.

Hungary has an electronic road toll payment system. You must purchase your e-sticker prior to entering the toll road. The sticker is valid throughout the toll network of Hungary, for its entire period of validity. E-stickers are available on the internet (payable via bank card), at border crossing points, petrol stations and the customer offices of the National Toll Payment Services PLC. You can also buy Hungarian e-stickers in neighbouring countries, typically at petrol stations near the border. The information you must provide at the time of purchase includes the fee category, your vehicle's registration number and country of registration (the country indicated by the country sticker at the back of your vehicle), as well as your choice of validity period for the sticker.

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